There is something interesting about History for everyone.

Howdy! Come and explore the stories of founders, trailblazers, homesteaders, gold prospectors, explorers, stagecoach drivers, and railroad builders with Ash and me (My daughter’s pet cat Melody, aka Ash).

If you’re a life-long learner, like me, or just need some information on a specific period in History, step back in time as we explore.

My favorite history – well, it’s all history. But, for this website, I am focusing on the development of the American West. We may jump around a bit, depending if I have made a trip to the site yet; I have traveled to numerous historical sites.

Well, Partner, in addition to my pet Ash, it’s nice to have company on the trail. Explore history with Michelle (that’s me) and Ash (she’s the adorable furry one). And, we’re off!

“Slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go! We’re burnin’ daylight!” John Wayne as Will Anderson in The Cowboys.

Take a Slower Pace and Learn – Amazing!

  • History of San Diego
  • History of Balboa Park and the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exhibition
  • Interactive museums
  • History of acres of beautiful gardens
  • WWII barracks, offices and use of the park
  • House of Pacific Relations International Cottages
  • and …

Spanish Village Art Center
Balboa Park, San Diego

Ash and I, the Curious Explorers, Take Off …

Hi! Glad you’re back because I have someone very important to introduce you to, Ash!

Ash, aka, Melody, quietly meowed as a kitten; my daughter doesn’t like a loud cat. My tender-hearted adult daughter was delighted as she adopted the three-month-old kit from the Humane Society to live with us. Melody quickly wiggled her way into our laps and into our hearts.

The day I took pictures for the header for this site and my facebook page,, our now one-year-old cat walked across the decorations I staged for the railroad cafe and ice cream shop photos. I planned to scoot her away but thought better of it. That furry feline added an adorable quality to still objects. I kept her in the photo and gave her a character name, Ash. Later I will write out the whole fiction story of how Ash got her name. For now, Ash, aka Melody, and I are both curious about historical places and artifacts. If you’re curious, follow along on the journey!

Born Into History

Adobe Stock Photo

Howdy! It’s fun to share in learning history together. I was born into history, and so were you. I was born in California on the eve of the Summer of Love, and no I’m not a love child. In fact, I enjoy the history of the past and not the ’60s era.

As you will see from my page titles, while I plan to fill one by one, my favorite time periods to explore include the American West, it’s various people, transportation advancements, and clothing of the 18th – early 20th centuries. Come with me on a journey through the history of the West from the shores of the Mississippi to the unknown frontier in Far West. I’ve traveled to many places, talked to a variety of lovely people and framed an abundance of photos.

Let me introduce you to our traveling partner, Ash! I’ve never seen such a curious cat, with her nose sniffing around boxes, as I look through books. Her goal is to get outside, as you will see. So many living history parks, historical buildings, and trails are waiting to be explored.