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T. Michelle finds amazing stories of historical people who lived in previous ages like a paleontologist digs up and puts flesh to raptors from previous eras. She found Princess Alice.

While watching the first season of “The Crown”, I saw the program show Prince Phillip’s mother adorn in a nun’s habit. The bride, Elizabeth Winsor, listened to her mother speak disparagingly of Philip’s mother. Her mother looked down on how Princess Alice was dressed and whispered that Princess Alice had been in a sanitorium. Of course, the mother Elizabeth’s attitude was unkind. I researched this unknown Princess Alice. I found the program had two things wrong with this wedding family photo shoot scene-Princess Alice did not wear the habit to her son and Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, and -Princess Alice was Deaf and had suffered after many wars from PTSD.

Hugo Vickers, Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece, London, Great Britain: Hamish Hamilton ltd., 2000.

One rare find of an intelligent Deaf Victorian in America featured by Gallaudet University, Agatha Mary Tiegel, led to another Deaf leader, Olof Hanson. They had found each other and married.

These exciting finds led to my writing the short history book, Indomitable Deaf Victorians.

Tessa Michelle Tucker, 2019.

During a period in Western Civilization when Deaf people were marginalized, still two courageous Deaf women and one Deaf man were instrumental in helping their people.