Ash and I, the Curious Explorers, Take Off …

Hi! Glad you’re back because I have someone very important to introduce you to, Ash!

Ash, aka, Melody, quietly meowed as a kitten; my daughter doesn’t like a loud cat. My tender-hearted adult daughter was delighted as she adopted the three-month-old kit from the Humane Society to live with us. Melody quickly wiggled her way into our laps and into our hearts.

The day I took pictures for the header for this site and my facebook page,, our now one-year-old cat walked across the decorations I staged for the railroad cafe and ice cream shop photos. I planned to scoot her away but thought better of it. That furry feline added an adorable quality to still objects. I kept her in the photo and gave her a character name, Ash. Later I will write out the whole fiction story of how Ash got her name. For now, Ash, aka Melody, and I are both curious about historical places and artifacts. If you’re curious, follow along on the journey!