Born Into History

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Howdy! It’s fun to share in learning history together. I was born into history, and so were you. I was born in California on the eve of the Summer of Love, and no I’m not a love child. In fact, I enjoy the history of the past and not the ’60s era.

As you will see from my page titles, while I plan to fill one by one, my favorite time periods to explore include the American West, it’s various people, transportation advancements, and clothing of the 18th – early 20th centuries. Come with me on a journey through the history of the West from the shores of the Mississippi to the unknown frontier in Far West. I’ve traveled to many places, talked to a variety of lovely people and framed an abundance of photos.

Let me introduce you to our traveling partner, Ash! I’ve never seen such a curious cat, with her nose sniffing around boxes, as I look through books. Her goal is to get outside, as you will see. So many living history parks, historical buildings, and trails are waiting to be explored.