Count Down to a First

At home preparing for the two-day event

Since I have never done a book signing before, tomorrow’s event will be my first. In November, my husband and I only set up a table with information about my books. This weekend, for two days, I will have a table, bigger than the one in the photo above, to set up my banner. Then, I will display my books and arrange my business cards.

Usually, I go from task to task at home. Being very goal-oriented, I surge ahead to the next task to be checked off. Writing this blog is nice for taking the time to “sell the roses.” I look at the picture above and finally realize, “I’m an author!” It’s an honor to be used by God to use my latent and emerging fiction writing skills in writing my recent book, Hidden End of the Line. While I sit here looking at the fruit of my labors, I think about the four and a half years since I decided I wanted to write books to sell. Tomorrow I have my first book signing, cool! -pause- Yeah, it’s cool. What I want most, is for people to read my adventure stories. I love to connect with people. Knowing someone read my book, helps me do that.

I find it is easier to think about finishing my preparations for my table items and advertising the event than to be still and take it all in. So, my mind is back to racing over the details, getting the word out and most of all – think about how much fun it is going to be to see people come up to my author table tomorrow. This is one author who is more of a people-person than a sit in a chair and write-person. With that said, I think of you, reader of my blog. I hope I did not bore you. And, please keep looking up at the stars, that way you keep your chin up.

By the way, if you live in Northern Utah, my book signing is in Eborn Books in The Shops at South Town in Sandy City. Eborn books will be selling my books, and I will be signing them. If you can stop by, I look forward to meeting you. Sign On!